[BLUEBUCK] T-Shirt Round Neck


Please note this line fits small, Size up

The top-grade cotton for our underwear is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any of the synthetic fertilisers that degrade soil quality and promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides produce a large amount of CO2 during their manufacture, so we simply don’t use any.
Note this line is small fitting, please size up
Better organic soil quality makes soil more effective at retaining water too, cutting down on water consumption.

Our fabrics contain 95% organic cotton cotton for a very soft touch and 5% elastane for the perfect support.

Bluebuck have designed a unique elastic waistband which contains 60% cotton, with cotton on both the outside and inside for maximum comfort on contact with skin. Even the composition and size labels sewn inside our underwear are made of cotton, rather than the synthetic labels used by many other brands.

When the crops are ready, rather than use heavy, pollution-producing machinery to collect our cotton, all our cotton is picked by hand.