[CONSONANT] Dealkalizing Deodorant


A note on deodorant: As you know, we pride ourselves on making top quality products. We produce our deodorant with an independent maker just west of Toronto. Lately, we are not 100% confident that producer can deliver the quality that we need consistently, so we have made the difficult decision to temporarily discontinue this product while we search for a different production partner. The product that we still have in stock is great quality, so if you love our deodorant we suggest stocking up while we still have supply! We hope to bring it back better than ever soon.

100% natural. 100% effective. 100% of the time.

Odour-causing bacteria flourish in an alkaline environment, so we formulated Consonant Dealkalizing Deodorant to bring the pH of your skin to 4.5-5 to inhibit body odour for 24 hours.

Bentonite Clay and Arrow Root Powder absorb moisture. Cocoa Butter evens skin tone and hydrates.

Dealkalizing Deodorant glides onto the skin in a clear formulation.

Does not contain aluminium or polypropylene glycol.