[GLERUPS] Shoe Style Rubber Bottom - Charcoal


Glerups removed the itch and left the comfort.
Get more warmth and the comfort of on-the-foot 100% pure wool, with The Shoe. The perfect indoor footwear for barefoot comfort around the house or chalet, where cold floors are a fact of life.

Glerups unique felting process removes the itch of wool. A mix of Gotland and blended wools are naturally combined and steam-felted for a perfect fit. So, go ahead and kick your socks off! 100% pure wool and 100% no itch. Now that’s natural comfort!

Danish legend glerups has kicked bedroom slippers out of the bedroom and into, well, everywhere. 100% pure Gotland wool, real leather and best worn bare foot. This is cozy comfort at its natural best. 100% comfortable-all-year pure wool with durable leather soles. So light and packable you’ll wonder how you traveled without them. glerups go with you just about everywhere.