[HOLLOW TREE] Candle - The Empress Special Edition


The Queen of Victoria, The Empress Hotel, A Chateauesque-Style Grand Hotel, Built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad opened its doors in 1908. For over a Century the Empress presides over the city's inner Harbour alongside Sir Frances Rattenbury's other Architectural Masterpieces, The British Columbia Legislature.

Discovery the beauty of British Columbia’s backcountry nestled within a Hollow Tree candle.

The Empress :Lily of the Valley | Violet | White Rose| Peony

Made in Canada, Hollow Tree Co. is a life of endless discovery through the art of scent.

Hollow Tree’s candles were created not only in the hope of expressing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but also in preservation of it and the rest of the world.

Wax: Coconut
100% Coton wick
Burntime: 60 hours
Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic
Packaging: Recycled/able