[PIECE ON PEACE] Antimicrobial Mask Inserts


Why would you use an insert?
When you are using a mask for short period or long hours, you want to have inserts that you can interchange.
When you breath you create humidity, the mask becomes wet, smells occur and bacteria happens.
The inserts are antimicrobial fabric, but changing them up during the day keeps them dry.
The charcoal helps with smells of saliva.
Wash the inserts after each wear
Wash with care, cold water with mild soap, air dry, no hot dryer
Perfect for sensitive skin

• Layers: 6
• Made with a traditional Japanese weaving technique.
• Place the insert on the inside of a face mask to extend the life of the mask.
• The mask insert is machine washable. Do not place in the dryer.
• The insert is infused with Japanese binchotan charcoal.
• This product is not intended for medical purposes.
• This product on its own does not offer protection from diseases.
• This product should be used in accordance with proper techniques for wearing and
handling face masks.
• Materials: 83% Rayon, 17% Cotton.
• Made in Nara, Japan.
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