[Piece on Peace] Face Mask (Around Head) or (Around Ear)


No child under the age of 2 should wear a mask, all children to be supervised when wearing a mask!

This mask is a single layer made from our microbial fabric, it is a natural fabric with no toxins or colors. Can be worn alone, but works best with our charcoal insert that rests inside.
What does the insert do?
It is a washable insert that is antibacterial, it prevents smells from saliva and creates the extra barrier when in situations like flying, hospitals or around sick people. it is best that you interchange your inserts during long periods of time, you want to always have a dry mask or insert!

IMPORTANT - These fabrics will not irritate the skin, the elastic is high grade and comfortable.

*The mask is machine washable water. Do not place in the dryer.
*This product is not intended for medical purposes.
*This product on its own does not offer protection from diseases.
*This product should be used in accordance with proper techniques for wearing and
handling face masks.

Made in Calgary

All masks are handmade, each batch has different designs or different anti-microbial fabric on the inside, they are made locally and sold 100% sterilized (cleaned)

No returns

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