Ingredients: 100% Organic raw coconut and New Earth Organic collagen.
There’s a reason collagen is known as “The Beauty Molecule” – it vastly improves skin and nail health and may reverse signs of aging, and works wonders on connective tissue, cartilage, and muscle. Combined with the medium chain fatty acid goodness of Coconut Prana, you’ve just upgraded your daily brew!

Coconut Collagen Creamer allows you to kick-up your immunity, feed your brain, and nourish your body, without compromising delectable taste, nor your diet. Gluten-free and non-GMO (the way it should be!)

Formulated in partnership with our kickass friends at New Earth Organics, our creamer features top-notch, no-compromises ingredients including 21-day stone ground Premium Coconut Prana and New Earth Organics collagen.

IN OUR FIELD TESTS: A quick blitz in the blender produces a really pleasing micro-foam on top of the coffee – for the café experience at home! The collagen has *noticeably* affected nail growth and strength