[PURE AF] True Love


It’s time to give those beautiful armpits the lovin’ they deserve! Ditch your boring deo for one that puts in WORK.

pure af natural deo sticks come in six bold flavours, subtly scented with essential oils. We’re talking 100% responsible ingredients and 0% weird chemicals here, all mixed and mastered in Canada.

We’ve sourced the best of the best plant-powered essentials and poured them into biodegradable tubes. When you dispose of your deo, the tube will make its way safely back into Earth, and the cycle starts again. Sustainability is important…

Application: lightly rub the stick on your chosen area until desired amount is achieved. Underarms, legs, back. You do you.

The deo sticks are suitable for sensitive skin types, and for those that follow a vegan lifestyle

True Love: rose