[SEEDZ] Crackers


These wholesome, crispy crackers contain four different types of organic seeds,
psyllium husk and a little Himalayan salt.

Thats all. What you see is really what you get!

My search for good, all natural food for my family led me to experiment.

Family and friends loved the results so much that literally, from a few tiny seeds,
a business idea grew.

Seeds Crackers are made from certified organic
sesame, sunflower,pumpkin and flax seeds.

The fact that I can really add value to people's lives by supplying them these genuinely healthy crackers with no hidden fillers, colours or additives is what motivates me.

Seedz Crackers are meeting people's dietary needs and in this world of 'fake'
Seedz Crackers are just what we say they they are.

Gluten and wheat free, sugar free, dairy free, nut free, soy free and of course, guilt free.

This nutrient rich, power food is perfect to snack on while you work or play.

Seedz Crackers can be enjoyed out of the packet as an 'on the go' snack or to add some variation, top them with your favourite cheese, hummus, antipasto or relish.

Have a sweet tooth? Try them with jam, honey or nut butter.

The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy your Seedz Crackers, they are handmade in small batches by people who really care.